Green the 15 Year Old Chihuahau

Adopting a Senior DogThanks for visiting our website Cool Green Attitude. Green is my 15 year old chihuahua. Of course like all pet owners I love and adore Green. He has become a beloved member of our family and I can’t imagine life without him. However as the years have moved along Green has of course required different levels of care. He is not longer a young pup and his needs are different. We have put together this website to share some of our care tips for older canines. We also want to encourage folks who are looking for a pet to consider adopting an older dog. You can find many older pets at

7 Convenient Benefits of Adopting a Senior Dog

When thinking about adopting a dog, you may not even consider an old dog because of the problem you think it could become; however, it may turn out to be the best decision you ever make!

In many instances, senior dog rescue is a much better option than the puppy alternative. If you don’t believe it, just keep reading to find 7 very convenient benefits of adopting an old dog. How many of these have you contemplated?

  • Old dogs are already trained

They already know that the bathroom is outside, so you won’t have to suffer the misfortune of cleaning any smelly mess. They also understand that when you say no you mean no, and they respect it.

  • Senior dogs only chew their food

They are not teething like puppies; thus, you can enjoy your furniture and shoes for a long time. However, they love to chew on bones, so feel free to get them a treat once in a while.

  • Older dogs don’t change

The behavior of a puppy changes as it ages. Just like with people, it is only after a certain age that a dog’s personality is established, and just – when it is too late – then, you know what you have in your hands.

  • Old dogs don’t need constant attention

When you have a senior dog you won’t have it running around you all day long. They don’t need all your attention all the time, in fact, most of the time what they want is to lie down and take naps.

You can relax reading your newspaper or watching some TV while your companion lies peacefully next to you as the best understanding friend.

  • Senior dogs adjust easily

They are used to and have learned to live with people. All they need is a warm corner to call their own and you have a happy new family member!

  • Older dogs adjust to your schedules

Old dogs don’t cry because they are cold or feel lonely in the middle of the night. They don’t require you to get up at night to feed them or take them outside, because they are already used to people’s schedules, and they will let you sleep late during the weekends too!

The days of rushing to go play, eat, or go to the bathroom early in the morning are over.

  • Old dogs don’t visit the vet very often

Puppies need shots and tests regularly, and they also eat dangerous things and do reckless stuff that prompt emergency vet visits all the time.

Senior dog rescue organizations can ensure you get a healthy pal that will require a minimum of vet visits, maybe only one or two control ones a year.

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